Our Team

Once upon a time…

Our Founder and CEO, Vandit Kinarivala decided to take up a job in a domain he was extremely passionate about – Video Games! Over 8 years of his tenure at Ubisoft Pune, he gained deep knowledge about what it takes to design, develop and publish successful games. While he strongly believes that games play a huge role in the development of a person, a lot of people across the world don’t share the thought. Some say “Games encourage violence” while some others say “Games affect a person’s social life”. Vandit decided to make an impact with games by developing titles that are productive and positive.


The learning curve games offer is extremely fast, very effective, long lasting and the most engaging. Vandit doesn’t feel the same about the learning curve offered by formal education. He saw a need for providing kids an alternative learning ecosystem by implementing his experience with games into education. Moreover, rather than a standardized educational system, he believes in letting kids explore their areas of interest when they wish to and however they wish to.


This led to the foundation of Dweek Studios. The organization is built on two core principles:

  • Encourage learning through fun & engaging games
  • Promote positivity and sustainable development for a better future

Nayan Soni, the Co-Founder and Art Directorwas amongst the first to share the vision and join the revolution. His experience with creating art starts with an animation degree from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and spans across more than 15 years. Nayan is a very passionate artist with a knack to go that extra mile for creating the cutest possible experiences for kids.

With Prakash Hiranicoming on board as Co-Founder and CTO, we established our founding team and began our journey. Prakash comes with an experience of 10+ years of experience in programming of which he has devoted close to 7 years towards his passion for games. Be it 2D or 3D, Prakash carries with him a very lengthy portfolio of games designed and developed by himself and downloaded by a million users across the globe.


Continuously expanding our team with more artists, animators and programmers, we now have a strong in-house team motivated to innovate, willing to explore and inspired to make a difference in video games and education.

.. and all of us worked really hard ever after.

Our Mission

  • Making learning interesting by merging it with the current trends and guiding our young brains towards a vision.
  • Making learning a fun activity, encouraging each child to pursue it willingly.
  • Tap the existing practices of education and enhance them to meet the requirements of today’s generation.
  • Expand the reach of education to the darkest corners of the world.
  • Making optimum use of the available resources and technology our aim is to deliver an educational experience like never before.
  • Contribute to building the Leaders, Artists, Doctors and Engineers of tomorrow for the price we today pay for one year of education.