Topic-Based Learning Approach
The topic-based learning approach ensures a higher child engagement and superior retention of knowledge. Our content strictly follows the guidelines for a Topic-Based Learning to ensure that kids are smarter.
Gamification of Education
Gamification of education provides little ones a purpose to pursue knowledge about a particular topic or subject. While the kid is at it, gamification rewards them with more knowledge thus increasing its value to the child.
Sustainable Development
The United Nations has its list of Sustainable Development Goals for the year 2030. Preschoolers must understand these problems at this young age in order to bring about innovative solutions as they grow up.



Personalised Education for PreSchool Children

Endless activities for preschoolers mapped with the international preschool curriculum now available on your smart devices. Transform to paperless worksheets.


Learning Games Builder for Preschool Kids

Empower your little ones to create their own learning material. Clunky is the world’s first ever creative learning suite for preschool kids.



Solar Family

Kids Learning Games and Interactive Story about Solar System

Solar Family is a fun interactive story game about the Solar System that encourages kids to learn about all the planets, the Sun and comets that are a part of the Solar System we live in.




Kids Learning Games and Interactive Story about Sea Creatures

Oceania is an interactive moral story about Sea Creatures and Environmental Cleanliness. Kids learn with fun activities about the Sea Creatures and Colouring in this EduGame.




Animal Learning Games and Interactive Story for Kids

Animalia is a fun story that engages kids to learn more about animals, math concepts and technology.




Interactive Story & Games to Teach Kids about Food

A fun moral story and interactive games to teach little ones the importance of food and how it is cooked.

Are You A PreSchool?

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