Educational Software for Schools

Simulation-Based Educational Program


Education shall soon evolve into experiences curated to engage kids and impart knowledge in ways that would ensure in-depth understanding of various concepts. Transform your classroom into a futuristic educational experience through our first of its kind educational software for schools in India.

  • Interactive Classroom Activities
  • Involving Students in Learning
  • Higher Student Engagement
  • Safe & Secure Environment
  • Standardised Material Across Branches

Longer attention spans

In-depth understanding of concepts

Improved grades and academic results

Flexibility of learning at own pace, time and place


Interactive Educational Software for Schools


Our well researched curriculum offers 100s of interactive educational games for kids to engage in learning while having fun. This educational software for schools in India offers Sustainable Development Moral values through interactive stories written in a way that they also impart the necessary knowledge in interesting ways.

  • 100s of interactive educational games
  • Stories, Rhymes & more
  • Topic-based learning for higher retention of knowledge
  • Gamified learning experiences for better engagement
  • Safe & secure environment

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