The Ultimate Communication Tool To Engage All Stakeholders


Franchise Management


Student Management


Classroom Management


Collaboration Tools


Attendance Management


Event & Meal Calendars

Easy to Access
All features accessible from the smartphone
Provide parents a safe and secure environment
Role Based
One app for all - Trustees, Heads, Teachers & Parents

During early years, it is very important that all the stakeholders including the teachers and parents are thoroughly aware of the child’s progress and participate actively in the kid’s educational journey.

The My School App is a first of its kind 100% Mobile Preschool Management Software that makes it extremely easy for School Parent Communication. It not only delivers the necessary details about the child’s educational journey, but also keeps parents and children engaged through various means.

  • Personalised educational profile of each child
  • Regular updates about the kid’s mood in school each day
  • Noticeboard and Homework updates directly on your smartphones
  • Albums to share achievements of children in school
  • Beautifully designed interactive experiences for all – Teachers, Parents and Children
  • Unlimited access to 1000+ educational activities directly linked with the preschool curriculum

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