School Parent Communication Software

For any child to succeed in her learning journey, it is extremely important for all stakeholders to be active participants and support the child in all possible ways. Kids these days spent 40% of their time in schools and the rest of the time with their parents. If the parents are not aware of what the child’s progress in school and if the school is not aware of the way parents have been raising their little ones, the kid might not be able to achieve what she is capable of.

Ensuring good communication

Plenty of schools are now finding innovative ways to keep parents engaged in the child’s learning journey. While some schools use WhatsApp groups, others share photos and videos on social media platforms like Facebook. The question that raises here is that “How secure are these platforms and is it capable of ensuring all information is sent and received regularly?”

These days, we see more spam and irrelevant content on social media sites thus making such platforms more of a time killer. There is a very good chance that all stakeholders are not fully aware of a communication when the platform used is meant for entertainment and not for important communication. There is no doubt that softwares make our jobs easier, but it is extremely important for educational institutions to pick the right software that suits their specific needs.

My School by BubbleBud Kids


Choosing the right software

When choosing a School Parent Communication Software one should be first looking at the age group of the children that the software is designed for. There are plenty of features that are applicable to Preschools but not applicable to higher educational institutions. Moreover, the user interface for younger children should be more friendly and something that they can relate to rather than regular designs that we see in most applications these days.

One should also look at how easily one can gain access to this application. If we require parents or teachers to sign on to a PC in order to retrieve information, the process is tedious and time consuming. It causes users to use it less often and hence ruins the entire purpose of having the software in place. These days, everyone owns a smartphone and the entire system should be available for use from smartphones in order to benefit from the solution.

Features in a School Parent Communication Software

Communication softwares shouldn’t be restricted to messaging and notifications alone. We should be looking at the underlying features like Franchise Management, Student Management, Fee Management, Inventory Management, Educational Tools and more of such value additions that provide our users [Parents, Teachers & Management] more value and enough reason to keep visiting the application on a regular basis.

The My School App

Our team at Dweek Studios has designed one of the finest School Social Network that is now available to Preschools across the globe. It includes all the features that are necessary to run a Preschool or a Chain of Preschools with more than 1000 learning games for little ones to access for free and without any advertisements to distract their attention.

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