Hyper Real Experiences
Out from the books, into the real world. Kids can now experience the learnings through realistic simulated journeys into the Jungle, Under the Water, into the Space and many more.
In-depth Understanding
Ensure in-depth understanding of concepts by making it easier for children to visualise thus leading to improved grades and academic results
Involve the Entire Class
Involve each and every student in the class with this white board activity driven through our next generation flash cards.

The UlterioRoom

The Future of Digital Smart Classroom Solutions

The UlterioRoom is a first of its kind replacement for Smart Class solutions in India. With the help of next generation technology, we make the classrooms more Interactive, more Fun and most importantly, more Affordable.

Just books and animated videos, it is very difficult for children to visualise how various things are in the real world. With The UlterioRoom kids can now experience the real world and interact with various elements in this simulated experience designed to bring to life the topics that are covered in the Preschool Curriculum.

The magical smart class experience not only educates little ones in fun and interactive ways, but also challenges their skills and understanding of the various topics and subjects being taught in a preschool.













Why UlterioRoom?

  • Hyper real simulation experiences for your classroom
  • Educational journeys to allow kids visualise what we preach
  • Magical learning experience ensures longer attention spans
  • Involve every child in the classroom with our next generation flash cards
  • A topic-based learning approach for higher retention of knowledge
  • In depth understanding of various concepts
  • Mapped with the International Preschool Curriculum
  • Improved grades & academic results
  • Fun filled learning
  • Safe & secure environment

Empowering teachers with 100s of interactive classroom activities

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