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    Helping corporates reduce training time and achieve desired goals

    Gamification is increasingly being used in the workplace to engage and motivate employees to achieve specific goals. We use gamified elements such as challenges, rewards, and feedback to encourage employees and help improve their performance to achieve the desired professional goals.


    Engaging trainees was never this easy!

    Gamification helps engage students in learning and make the learning process more enjoyable. This includes using gamified elements such as points, badges, and leaderboards to motivate students to complete assignments and achieve academic goals.


    Engage and motivate your customers

    We use gamified elements such as competitions, sweepstakes, and loyalty programs to drive customer loyalty and engagement towards a product or brand. We engage audiences irrespective of whether the product or service is Online or Offline.


    Encouraging users to adopt healthy behaviour!

    Challenges, Rewards, Leaderboards, Realtime Feedback and more help motivate people to exercise, eat healthy and engage in other healthy activities. We build gamification modules for the health and wellness industry to encourage people live healthier.

    Proven Results!

    Gamification of learning delivers exponentially better results as compared to the traditional learning approach

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    Engaging trainees was never this easy!

    Gamification in training and development helps increase the user engagement dramatically as compared to typical classroom based learning. Our design process ensures constant rewards and challenges to help keep users hooked to the program, while elements like leaderboards and badges induce a competitive attitude.

    Immersive Learning and Development

    Experience learning as it should be, with the help of immersive technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality

    We exploit technology to build a solution that delivers the most ideal learning experience to the trainees. Our team makes the most of next gen technologies to be able to provide a refined learning experience that is as close to the real one as it can be.

    Intelligent Assessment

    Gamification without the right assessment is incomplete

    Understanding business objectives and building an intelligent assessment system to be able to deliver the management intelligent insights for the various gamified activities is what we consider to be one of our strengths. Right from HR to Operations, our solutions helps every manager get to quick conclusions about the skillset of the various trainees in order to make informed decisions.


    Build result oriented upskilling programs 

    With the help of gamification of training we enable organisations to build programs and activities that are directly mapped with the job skills along with skill development games that help enhance the overall performance of the trainees not just during the training but also on the job.

    Researched Approach

    Our approach is designed to put your the business objectives first

    Discovery & Planning

    Our team of experts understands the business process thoroughly in order to design a course that best suits your requirements

    Design & Development

    A list of critical and non critical activities are then defined in coordination with the department head to be a part of the course flow design

    Testing & Evaluation

    We analyse the the results achieved across the various use cases to understand the engagement and results to improve the solution

    Training and Deployment

    All stakeholders are trained to ensure that the solution is being used at its best

    Success Stories

    1000s of users are learning through our solutions on a daily basis