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We know that each child has different abilities and experiences, and will respond to opportunities in their own unique ways. The problem we face in our education system is how to recognise these differences and provide learning material that will help every kid achieve. We at Dweek Studios provide complete technology solutions that empower institutions and individuals to personalise a child’s learning experience with the help of various tools, thus ensuring a better learning curve for children.

  • Literacy Development
  • Skill Development
  • Environmental Science
  • Franchise Management
  • Administrative Tools
  • Communication Tools

Empowering Preschools with Technology

The UlterioRoom
Our futuristic classroom simulation experiences involve & educate little ones to remember for life! The UlterioRoom is also the most affordable smart classroom solution available in India.
My School App
The My School App is a first of its kind 100% Mobile Preschool Management Software that makes it extremely easy for School Parent Communication and provides Unlimited Access to 1000s of Learning Games from the BubbleBud Kids Universe.
BubbleBud Kids Universe
Compliment your child's learning journey with 1000+ fun and interactive educational activities directly linked to the International Preschool Curriculum.
Franchise Management
Manage and monitor your Franchises across the world in this module specifically designed for Preschools. Right from Royalty Management to Kit Management, it has all you need to successfully manage chains of schools.




Use technology to your benefit and provide children learning experiences that weren’t possible in your classrooms.

Simulation Experiences

We can’t take kids to the jungle or into outer space, so we bring the jungle to your classroom and take kids on a journey into outer space.

Kids Participation in Activities

Are the kids in your classroom only watching videos on the Interactive White Board? With The UlterioRoom, kids will drive the activity with the help of your teacher.

UlterioRoom Experience Zone

My School

The All-In-One App


Student Management


Notices & Homework


Event Calendars & Attendance


Media Gallery & More


All you need to communicate with parents right at the touch of your finger in this user friendly and custom built School App. A role based system allows all to stay in touch with a wide array of permissions defined for each stakeholder, be it the school management or be it a parent.

It also includes beautifully designed interactive learning courses encourage students of preschools to learn across all academic disciplines i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) while they learn about the topic being covered. The learning environment we have developed is 100% child safe and encourages children to explore and develop their cognitive, social and physical skills.

BubbleBud Kids Universe

  • Researched Digital Curriculum : Validated by Schools and Families across the Globe
  • 100+ Learning Games & Interactive Moral Stories
  • Literacy Development : Spelling, Tracing, Counting, Addition, Patterns and more..
  • Skill Development : Creativity, Problem Solving, Motor, Sensorial
  • Environmental Science : Animals, Food, Transport, Space and more..
  • Gamification of Education for higher engagement
  • Longer retention of knowledge with Topic Based Learning

Franchise Management

Fee Management
Manage and monitor Fees, Discounts and Royalties from all franchises through a web interface. Take authority to manage discounts and export reports to excel easily.
Kits Management
Order and ship kits to all your branches with the help of the franchise management module specially designed for chains of preschools.
Branch Management
Through this integrated system, you can easily monitor progress and feedback of each of your branches irrespective of where it is located.

Why Us?

Improved Understanding of Concepts by 100%
Increased Parent Engagement by 60%
Save Time in Daily Chores by 30%
Reduce Cost per Student by 15%

Benefits All Stakeholders






PreSchools About Us

Lampros Kids is one of the first few schools in Ahmedabad to adopt the Mi Learning approach. With the help of Dweek Studios, we have been able to provide kids a vast variety of ways to learn thus improving knowledge retention. The support and implementation of feedback is extremely quick.

Director, Lampros Kids

Dweek Studios helped us build smart schools by providing fun-filled learning opportunities for our children, enabling collaborative classroom studies and ease Parent-School communication. Overall we have noticed an improvement in student grades and academic results.

Founder, Vedant International Preschool

We have been seeing a rise in the number of underprivileged students attending classes! The fun and interactive learning solutions provided by Dweek Studios have helped us improve the student engagement. Regular content updates make sure that kids always have something new to learn.

Trustee, The National Indian Association